Does PROS Support External Libraries?

So I am using a UI Builder for LVGL that only supports v7 LVGL library. I am pretty sure that the default lvgl library is v4 (not sure). If I can import the v7 library, how can I do so?

Yeah, PROS does support external libraries. Currently, LVGL is on 5.7 for PROS and we’re planning on making an external library bundled with PROS 4 for the newest version of LVGL. Our plan for that is to interface it with the screen API, and it should theoretically be possible for users to interface that with LVGL before we do it.


That would be amazing. Do you have any info on when it’s supposed to release?

So I pasted the v7 LVGL library in and configured the .h files. However, I get a compiler error, probably because the path changed. How do I fix it?