Does PROS work for V5

Anybody know if PROS works for the V5 brain? We want to use the pixycam but, like everyone else, don’t have the coding software.

I suggest asking through official channels as information related to V5 cannot be disclosed on the public forum.

Yes. The PROS team has repeatedly stated that PROS will have day-0 support for V5

Sorry, it was our instructor that got it, so we don’t know any of the rules on this.

Sweet, I’ll get watching videos on how to use ti.

I highly doubt the public versions of PROS support V5. Also, keep in mind that V5 hasn’t actually launched yet to the public, so the PROS team still has time to fully implement PROS for V5.

Your best chance for getting pre-release PROS for V5 is probably to have your instructor post in the official channels or PM @edjubuh or @hotel since, then, his account can be verified as V5 Beta Tester.

Ok, will do.

Just the former.