Does Robot Skills Matter?

So at my competition that I went to My team (95680B)we won Robot Skills,it did not qualify us for state,we qualified a competiton ago?So does robot skills matter?
.Yes I know that that the comments are gonna say "Excellence and Judges Matter"If you get teamwork champion you would have an 80 percent chance that you win the Excellence award.And Judges doesnt qualify you for anything either.It’s one of little parts that it is not luck based and SKILL Based

depends on the competition, you can see what awards qualify for what on the robotevents page for the event


Even if skills champion isn’t a qualifying award skills is still very important. If a team double qualifies at an event the second spot will go to the top of the skills list. Empty spots at regionals are also filled from the region wide skills list


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but yes to answer the question skills is VERY important. skills trophies are often just a cool as the other big awards :smirk:, but the main reason is, like mentioned above, to take extra state/regional/worlds spots that some teams may have double qualified for. If a team wins a tournament, then gets excellence, and that tournament had 3 worlds spots, then the three spots would go to the double qualifying team, their alliance partner (who got the other tournament champion trophy), and (at that point) the #1 skills score team. if that team is also the double qualifying team, (which it often is), then the worlds spot will go to the next team down the skills list, and so on.


also is this IQ or VRC? bc it could apply for both. (idk I didn’t do IQ) if its VRC you might want to change the catagory

Even still if it is IQ, it matters. Skills is the only way in IQ to demonstrate your robot’s autonomous program. It also allows you so showcase your robot’s capability without being hindered or carried by other robots.


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