Does RobotC automatically save?

i was tweaking a program i was working on, and i clicked x on accident, i cant tell if it saved or not… does anyone know if it saved or not?

Unless it has changed since the last time I have used it, the RobotC does not Autosave. It does save when you compile code though.

It will save on compile and save when you quit the application if those options are selected (which they are with a new install). You can also have ROBOTC make a backup of your source file every time you save (in preferences->Editor->general for V4.56 )

thank the lord lol i complied after every change

So if you open a file and change it (without saving it), then you run some tests on the software by downloading it to the robot, then you quit the application, does your old file get overwritten by what you had been testing? Am I understanding this correctly? I’m wondering if this is what caused some of our files to become mysteriously altered a couple weeks ago.

@FullMetalMentor A program has to be saved to download to the robot. So even if you didn’t save, it will do so automatically when you download it to the robot.

So I guess that means it will overwrite the original file? Is there some option you can un-do to prevent that from happening?

Not that i know of. Copying the file seems like the easiest way to me.

Ok, thanks. Trying to get kids to make backup copies of previous work, though… maybe won’t happen every time. I’m surprised I never noticed this overwriting “feature” before now.

You should turn on the auto backup feature that @jpearman described:

Or, you can turn off the autosave, which he also described:

Note he says they’re turned on by default. Turn them off if you don’t want them. Here’s how those look in the UI:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.25.23 PM.png

So every time your code compiles it takes the old copy of the program and throws it in the recycle bin, you probably have thousands of old copies of programs in there.

If you want your students to have source control, you should have them use proper source control.

Wow! Very nice of you to provide a screenshot. Thanks!

Okay. They let me know they already knew about this. I guess I was the only one who was clueless. Thanks!