Does scoring count after the buzzer at the end of autonomous?

I’m terrified to post this question to the official forum because I’m guessing it has already been answered multiple times somewhere but I just can’t find it, and I don’t want to bring down the Wrath of Karthik for not looking it up. So I’m posting it here in hopes somebody can point me to the answer. :o

Imagine a robot has almost scored a cube on a post during autonomous but then the buzzer goes off. Autonomous has ended. The robots are disabled, or whatever it’s called when autonomous has ended. But then suppose one or two seconds after the buzzer goes off, the robot’s grip on the cube loosens and the cube drops down onto the post. Would that cube be counted as part of the autonomous score? or does the buzzer itself separate scored from not scored? I guess the same question applies to whether or not a robot is touching its skyrise or any other scoring object - if the buzzer goes off but the robot slouches away from a scoring object and therefore no longer touches it, do the referees consider the robot as touching or not?

I’m not 100% sure. But I believe it has been determined as: “after all objects come to rest.” I think I heard that in one of the ref. training videos, but I’m not sure.

I would strongly assume Autonomous scoring is the same as end of match scoring, where it is scored when all objects come to rest and not by the buzzer.

I think that “…common sense always applies…” (<G1>) means that <G10> can be applied to the autonomous period as well.:smiley:

“<G10> Scores will be calculated for all matches immediately immediately after the match and when all objects have come to rest”

Thats just my guess, but it is always fine to ask Karthik as I can’t see anything in the manual that definitively answers your question.:confused:

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask Karthik this question.

In NZ we follow the common sense interpretation that autonomous scoring should follow the same procedure as end of match scoring, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that this is inconsistent with how things are done at Worlds, but I don’t remember this ever being specifically addressed.

Okay, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is uncertain about the answer to this.

I will now bravely post the question in the official part of the forum. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

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Okay, so I re-posted the question here:

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And to the OP. Consistently I have seen tournaments around the US follow the same points above about coming to rest. Its possible that the ruling varies depending on the source of the energy as in a falling cube counts but a pretensioned rubber band system that can move around scoring skyrise sections over and over doesn’t count. (actually can someone please do this)

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