Does Size REALLY Matter?!?

I am currently using a bot that is 16 x 13 x 17.5 and i was wondering if this would be stable enough to be on the podium?

What do you mean by the podium? Also, pics would be helpful.

I think you mean the platform. If so, its less about the size of your drive train and more about the specs of it.
E.g. Motors, V5 vs 393, Spacing, etc.

If you specify that and give us pictures, we will be able to help you more.

When I first read that I was thinking 16 holes x 13 holes x 17.5 inches, but then I realized its all in inches. As long as you aren’t top heavy I think you should be ok, but like others have said pictures are good (leekz plz)

lol me too. I was like, wut? but yeah should be ok

Yeah, I had a 20hole by 20 hole robot with a six motor drive at one point, it won the center platform more often than not

Depending on what you build, it certainly does matter. The bigger the chassis the bulkier and more space on the field you will have to use. This will most definitely mean less maneuverability unless you have a stronger drivetrain to push robots if you have a chassis that is bigger. I would need a stronger drive myself because i need the biggest size of drivetrain as possible to not tip during the matches, so I add strength to push around. If you are a shooter bot, being a little bit more small and nimble would be more beneficial so you can score the low flags easier and move around opponents and avoid defense better. In terms of getting up the platform, as a ball bot you have a lower center of mass so it doesn’t matter too much, but a wider drivetrain is a must for a robot with a big lift that scores caps so they don’t tip. Yes, there most certainly is a limit as to how narrow or short your robot should be. You should not be less than 28-29 holes because at that point you will tip very easily with defense regardless if you are a ball bot or not. You should be good with getting up the platform with what you have, just make sure you have the clearance to.

25-30 is an acceptable range.

We have a 30x30 and it works fine (4 motor V5)

We have a cap bot with a 25 hole base rn, weight balancing is not fun.