Does string count as apart of the robot?

So, me and my team want to use string for expanding in the new game spin up, but we are unsure if it would qualify. Because it doesn’t clarify that it doesn’t count as part of the robot?

I’m assuming you have read through the game manual. It shouldn’t have to clarify whether string is a part of your robot. Is the string atrached to your robot?

Remember, the rules aren’t meant to tell you everything you can and can’t do. Use of common sense is required.


I’d suggest you probably just ask a vex mod. If you made this an offical tech support one of the mods might reach out to you cause that what happend to me once.

Thanks for the input. It would be attached so thats why we are tossing around the idea.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to reach out to them new to this vex forum.

I would not. There are plenty of people on the forum with brains. There are plenty of people on the forum with links to the game manual. The mods aren’t the only ones who can tell you to read the game manual and use common sense.

I’d suggest you probably just ask @kmmohn.


That might be true but you don’t know the people who read the manuel and when something important like this is there you might as well just ask the mods if they know anything since they are trustable.

Most of the mods have better things to do than answer read the manual questions.


You are expected to read the manual yourself.

It is not other people’s job to read the manual so you can ask them if string is a part of your robot.


I guess

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But answering questions that one can easily find by reading the manual IS NOT THE MODS JOB.

Take ownership. Use primary sources. Don’t waste other people’s time.


I know what your saying I have read the manuel too but there are some things that might be confusing that you can ask questions from people or the mods since I am not sure all the time who I can trust when it comes to important topics like this. If you feel strongly not to distrub the mods then ok good for you I will keep that in my mind next time I have to ask a question.

If you read the Game Manual, you will see the place to get official answers to important topics like this is he VRC Official Q&A.

The mod’s job on the forum is just to keep discussions civil.


Ok I then it makes more sense.