Does Super Kit come with Booster Kit?

Classroom & Competition Super Kit P/N: 276-3000 doesn’t say it comes with the Booster Kit P/N: 276-2232, but in the pictures I see of the Super Kit it shows the Booster Kit. (HERE, and again HERE)

Does the Super Kit come with a Booster Kit?
We are starting up a new program and are looking to purchase for (8) VEX EDR teams. We want to get the most bang for our buck and the Super Kits look like they provide a lot of value.

Hi Adam,

The Super Kit does come with a Booster Kit, the contents of which are included in the overall Kit Contents listed at the bottom of the page. The Super Kit is intended for people like yourself who want to start a new program or bring VEX EDR into the classroom at a lower cost than buying kits piece by piece.

Best regards,

Fantastic. Thank you for the reply, it’s helpful.
We’re looking forward to ordering these!