Does Temperature Effect Electronics?

Hi everyone,
Has anyone ever had a problem with using VEX electronics that have been in a cold car for a while?

How cold? Unless it was like -40 or something I would not expect any issues.

-40 degrees Fahrenheit or Celcius? :wink:

And no, I haven’t had any problem with that, but I also live in Arizona.

Both :slight_smile:

He means like 30 degrees F. We just to know if its okay to leave electronics out in a 30d.F. car for 9 hours for convenience later that day.

It should be fine, storage temperate for electronics goes pretty low. Just make sure there is no condensation, electronic components do not like moisture.

Batteries might need a fresh charge. But the electronics should be OK.

Not much call for a frost warning in Los Angeles is there? :slight_smile:

I’ve had an ultrasonic sensor start to function strangely when I was testing autonomous in a garage at below 0 degrees F (-18 C). It was fine once it warmed up though.

Thanks for the input. It looks like we should be fine.

DCL, do you want me to get some warmers ready for your visit tomorrow?

Maybe a flamethrower?

I am thinking more of a shorted battery. It is an official VEX part.

Hmm… So we have now determined that natural cold doesn’t have much effect on vex electronics, but I am pretty sure that temperature will, in the case of a flamethrower, affect Vex electronics.

The theory behind this is that extreme cold is bad for Vex electronics; therefore extreme heat must be good for Vex electronics. I don’t know why people use cooling sprays on motors; I’ve only had issues with motors overcolding during a match.
Note: This entire post is a joke; don’t use a flamethrower on Vex electronics, and I have had motors overheat during a match, but never freeze.

I too keep a flamethrower with my vex supplies.

Shorted VEX batteries are a wonderful heat source - we had that during matches during Toss Up World Championships. Unfortunately, it lets out a lot of smoke too, and the robot stop working.

Here is a graph of what various temperatures does to the voltage output of a small LiPo Battery.
I did the tests with a 3.7v battery and a 5 ohm resistor.

Canned Air was used for the -50c temperature, and liquid nitrogen was used for the ~-200c temperature.