Does the GPS sensor work without the barcode sticker?

We are planning on using the GPS sensor for this season, but will it work without that barcode sticker?

No, the GPS sensor only works on a field with the GPS code present, either a set of the code strips attached to a metal perimeter, or the portable perimeter which has the code built in.

Per T21 and the first page of Appendix B, the GPS code is required to be present in programming skills, and allowed but not required in driving skills and head-to-head matches.


It vastly depends on your region and their budgets. Last year while the rule was in full effect, with the exception of one amazing EP who bought 2 brand new plastic fields (they have the code printed on the walls) and ran an impeccable event, everywhere else the fields were either lacking the bar code completely or had them on for a brief period of time and ripped them off because the velcro system just sucks and was preventing the platforms from balancing. So plan accordingly and don’t put all your eggs into the GPS basket. Always have a backup auton just in case.

Edit: GPS is an unfortunate naming as well, I bet if this was called BCPS (Bar Code Positioning System) or QRPS (QR code Positioning System) or even VEX-PS for some sweet brand promo, you would not even think to ask the question. But GPS, one wonders… what if I go outside with a clear view to the sky… will it work? LOL.