Does the programming hardware kit work with Linux?

I am on kernel 3.16 (Ubuntu Gnome 14.10). PROS is not finding the cortex.

I believe so (the USB A-A cable direct to the cortex does not). Do you have the new or old programming kit?

See here for Linux install instructions.

I’m using the new one

What is the new one? I could not understand about the version.

The original programming kit used a USB to 9 pin serial adapter followed by a small square (well, almost) interface box. It needed drivers from prolific. The new programming kit, introduced in 2012, uses a longer rectangular interface box that accepts a USB cable directly. The windows drivers for this are provided by VEX, drivers are not needed for OSX and Linux as it is a USB communication class device and supported by the OS. The new kit also provides power to the joystick although I find this has more drawbacks than benefits.

Old one:

New one: