Does the Ultrasonic sensor work for this year?

I noticed that on the vex website Knowledge Base it said this about the Ultrasonic sensor: “if the object being detected is spherical like a ball or has an irregular shape, the sound waves may be scattered and cause a wide range of values to be returned from the sensor.”

Does this mean we can’t use the Ultrasonic sensor for this year and what other options are there for detecting the balls?

I sont know about that but they are coming out with a laser distance sensor

It will be a lot more accurate

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Thanks that will be helpful for my team!

you can use the ultrasonic on rounded objects, it just doesn’t work as well. if you can have a flat surface on the other side of the ball as the ultrasonic, then you could detect the distance to that flat surface and if there is a change you can know something is blocking the sensor from seeing the flat surface.


Thanks so much this will really help!