Does this count as 2 points?

OK, I am sure many people have asked about this before on the forum however I can’t see where…

Does the cube on the top count as two points below? Because I am pretty sure I have seen matches online where it has been counted…


Yes that cube is scored. However it is legal to remove. It counts for 2 points for being on the post, +1 for ownership of the post.
I think what I said is correct. When unsure of something, you should always refer to the rulebook. :slight_smile:

As pictured, the post has a total of 5 points for the red alliance. 2 for each cube and 1 for ownership.

As pointed out above, the top cube can be de-scored.

Volt, Have you tried to balance a cube on a post the way you have it pictured in your attached jpg.? We have tried carefully balancing a cube “by hand” not using a robot and its impossible(still haven’t accomplished it yet) to get a cube to sit on top of a post. So I will go far as to say:eek: “absolutely impossible”:eek: for a robot to set a cube on a post as pictured.

You are correct that they do not get hung up quite as that picture shows, however they very easily do get hung up on the top of the post in a slightly different manner. I assume that is what the OP is referring to.

I don’t think that cube on top of the pole would be counted, I remember seeing in the rules some where that any cube that is not below the height of the pole is removed before score is counted. cant remember what rule it was

So, it is scored.


This mentions removing, so maybe that is what you were thinking of? It is referring to robots descoring the cubes during the match, not referees removing them before tallying the score.
2014-10-03 18_34_47-VEX-Skyrise-GameManual-Rev20140729 - PDF-XChange Viewer.jpg

Closest thing I can find is the definition of “scored”

Scored – A Cube is Scored if it is not touching a Robot of the same color and meets one of the following

  1. A Cube is touching a Floor Goal of its own color, and is not Scored on a Skyrise.
    ***2. Any part of a Post is within the volume defined by the outer edges of the Cube. ***
  2. Any part of a Skyrise is within the volume defined by the outer edges of the Cube of the same
    color as the Alliance Starting Tile adjacent to the Skyrise Base.

I bolded the part that seems to apply here. To me, it seems that it should be scored based on #2 because the post is at least partially within the volume of the cube.

However, I had a conversation with a person that runs our local events a while back when Skyrise was released…and at the time, he showed me this exact scenario and told me it would NOT be counted. However, the game was new and he maybe did not fully know the rules yet?

This may be worth asking on the Official Q&A if no one has a definitive answer. Pretty important…this cube placement will happen often.

I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t. Volt will agree with me when I say that Paul will guess this on the spot.:smiley:

Yes that would count, but it could be de-scored. If it isn’t de-scored than it also counts as ownership points. Just don’t count on that in a competition because someone will probably go knock it off.