Does this count as scored?

my sister team made a AWP auton and it puts a ring into a goal via tailbar. the only thing is is that it only goes in halfway, does it count?

I don’t think so off of the top of my head? The robot is still touching the ring.


if you can find if it offically does that would be great

Take a read of scoring note 1, and scoring note 2a in the game manual, then reply back to this thread with your interpretation, including a comment on whether the robot is touching the ring or not. After that we can discuss.


Not sure the criteria for how far a ring is in the goal but if the ring it touching the robot which it does appear to be so then it is not scored

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2a. To be considered Scored in a Mobile Goal Base, a
Ring must:
• Meet the prerequisite definition of Scored in Note 1
• Be contacting either
॰ The colored portion of a Mobile Goal Base, or
॰ Another Ring which is considered Scored in a
Mobile Goal Base
2b. To be considered Scored on a Mobile Goal Branch,
a Ring must:
• Meet the prerequisite definition of Scored in Note 1
• Also be “encircling” a Mobile Goal Branch
• In this context, “encircling” means that any part of
the Mobile Goal Branch is at least partially within the
volume defined by the outer edges of the Ring
it does say anything about the robot touching it

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Cool, you found the rule, and what is the interpretation and why?




doenst count because the robot is touching it


Yep all of the people above are correct. Because the ring is touching your robot it is descored. Just like a platform is descored if a robot is touching it at the end of the match. I also know that rings are descored to some extent if they are touching, a platform for example.


Question though, if you knew this the entire time, why didnt you just say that? i come to the forum because i didnt understand somthing. if i wanted the game manual i would have gone to the corner of the room where it lays. im not being disrespectful, it just gets frustrating at times when your confused about the game manual and you send the person right back to it.

One of the many skills you can learn doing robotics is to learn to read specifications and documentation. The answers you were looking for were pretty clear in the game manual, and as a mentor/coach I am more concerned about teaching opportunities than about just giving you the answer when I knew you could find it yourself with a little bit of guidance. (If you go back and read my post, you will see that I gave you very specific guidance as to where you would find your answers, and then the chance to post an additional question if you had difficulty understanding the specific rules). As the proverb says, give a person a fish and they’ll be fed for a day, teach them to fish and they will be fed for a lifetime.


It’s because the forum is flooded with people asking for clarification on rules that can be explicitly found in the game manual. Most of these posts are just people not reading the game manual closely enough, and what he is trying to do is encourage people to read closer in the game manual instead of flooding the forum even further.

It’s frustrating for people to have to answer the same questions over and over again, especially when they are explicitly stated in a place that every competitor should have access to and should have read.