Does this count for these mobile goals?

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What do the rules say about scoring of each object in picture?

Your question is pretty vague.


Does this work for the rules?
Yes I read them.

Just recommending you spell out how you would score this and rational :slight_smile:
it would be a good learning tool for others showing how you apply the rules to real world situations that might occur …


Gonna need a little more detail in your question. If you’re wondering about what counts as scored, neither red goal would count for points as they’re in the neutral zone, but all of the rings would count, as none of the rings are touching anything other than the goal they’re in and other scored rings.


The zone doesn’t count. It was where I took the picture.

Yes?? The zone is a 3D area so they would both count if they were in your zone. Please talk in depth so everyone can understand.

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Okay, I only need clarification on the rings if they count and if the goals are in the red zone if they count.

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Thanks, but what about the goals if they were on our side?

If both goals were within the 3D box of your alliance zone, they would both count for 20 points each.

Please read the posts that we are trying to help you with

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