Does this count in 20 pt zone?

Hello we have recently had this case while practicing with our robot and wanted to know if it counted in the 20 pt zone? 20 pt zone.jpg

No. Although this would count in the twenty point zone, you cannot score a blue goal in a red zone.

It was a skills run

Then this looks perfectly acceptable.

20pt zone.jpg

is this ok too?

You have too much time on your hands.

Well, they could be spending time debating whether a (non)stack of zero cones is higher than no stack at all. This looks more useful. At least it’s more fun.

Or designing a robot that could actually do that…

This strategy might just work in a match like this.

Whoa how did those robots not win worlds? They are so good!

Agreed, I can’t believe no one thought of taking skyrise sections from another field!

Well QCC2 was in the match, so they did win worlds. :wink:

Oh shoot