Does update brain update other components?

In the Driver’s Meeting video for Worlds, they discuss the importance of having the firmware updated on all components. If our brain is running 1.1.2, I am thinking that it automatically updates the firmware on all the attached components, or it prompts us to do so. Is that correct? Or do we need to do a separate process to make sure the motors, controllers, etc. are updated?
Thank you.

Battery firmware may need to be updated - if so, an alert will appear on the V5 Brain to connect the battery (while still attached to the brain) to a charger. Do so. It is a common occurrence I see during inspection.

V5 Controllers firmware get updated by V5 Brain - tether the two using V5 Smart Cable.

V5 Radios will get updated when connected to V5 Brain…

Probably other - but the three listed above are the major ones!

If updating from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2, the components that are updated will be.

Internal power control firmware
Inertial sensor
3-wire port firmware

motors, controllers, everything else, is the same as in 1.1.1


Thank you for the quick response. Just to clarify for myself, because I don’t remember ever having updated the Internal power control, inertial, or 3-wire port firmware, if we have been running our robot for months with 1.1.2, these would all be updated by the brain, correct?


Yes… a lot of the updates happen invisibly when connecting V5 components to the Brain. Some like V5 Joystick Controller will alert you, and V5 Battery will warn you that you need to connect it to external power so battery firmware can get updated.

All in all, seamless process.