Does Vex ship partial order?

If i ordered the bundle which is expected to ship in august, and some other parts expected to ship in october, will they split the order and still ship the bundle in august?

Only if you tell them to. Otherwise it’s held as one order.

When I ordered my parts in the beginning of August it told me that my order may arrive as multiple shipments. Although I am not sure what the ETA for the parts were at the time.

Are you sure about this? I just ordered all our V5 parts, and some things are expected to be shipped later than others. I want them to ship my order in parts as soon as anything is ready so we can at least get started.

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Yes, call VEX sales and tell them what you want to do and they will help you out.

They are the unsung heros of VEX, along with the amazing shipping crews.

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All righty will do. Thanks

I just checked the email I got when I ordered my V5 and it states this: “Thank you for your recent order. Once your items ship we will send you an email with a link to track your order. Please note that your items may be sent in partial shipments based on availability.”

I have received partial shipments in the past.

Same here, it’s fully possible they’ll do the partial shipments.

Anyhow, I honestly don’t think it matters much. Nobody can really compete until the batteries and chargers are sent out in late September, since competing with 1 battery will be “interesting” even with the longer life span of the new ones. I’d be surprised if we see any viable competition v5 bots before mid October.

You can 100% compete with 1 battery. They last significantly longer than the current ones we have.

It’s not just that though. Two batteries is probably must because when one dies, you need a second one to use while the dead battery charges. They should last with this type of cycle, but two is needed.

They also charge relatively quickly compared to the old batteries

I would say a battery could last you until the end of quals imo. If you charge it in between (The new ones charge really fast now) you should have a lot of battery power every match

That is all well and good, but competitions are not all that exists. Testing, debugging, practicing, and the like will all come to a stop for however long it takes to charge. 2 is necessary.

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we might be able to cook up some sort of practice battery. we know a guy…

I don’t know if this is correct, but I heard the batteries can charge while the robot is in use.

Even if that’s possible, you still need a wire long enough to connect to the robot while it’s driving around in the field. You also need someone to hold the wire so it doesn’t interfere with the robot. They also definitely won’t allow a battery to be plugged in during an official match…

would be nice to have it plugged in during autonomous tuning, between runs. That way you’ll almost always be testing with a topped off battery.

These answers have pretty much all been stated by others, but to confirm…

  1. Yes, partial shipments will be happening with V5. For example, if you had a System Bundle and an extra Battery, the System Bundle should ship in August (if ordered before July 31), and the Battery should ship in September.

  2. You can probably compete with one battery (at least, in VRC). As has been noted in this thread, not only do they last longer, but they charge quicker than you’re used to. Topping it off in between matches should be fine, especially because…

  3. You can still use the robot while it’s plugged in to charge. Yes, running around with an extension cable on a practice field may not be ideal or recommended for safety reasons, but for tuning or testing in a pit, I don’t see a situation where you wouldn’t just leave it plugged in all the time. I don’t know anyone who spends 100% of their time at a competition without the robot sitting idle at least part of the time (over lunch, during a judging interview, etc).

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Hey Grant. Thanks for your reply.

Could you ask the powers that be to think about releasing a charger with a USB plug so that we could use battery banks to charge robots (I have a 20Amp hour battery for my phone and tablet). Sometimes power cables at tournaments don’t go to the pit tables, and it would allow for flexibility overall.


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