Does VexIQ have file size issues

I have lost my progress 3 times and am now wondering, If a file is too big at some point like 50KB because I have lost 2 files to the abyss for a little project that ranged from 63 KB to 77 KB. If anyone understands it would be nice to not lose progress like this. I am working on an IPad

I had a different issue but similar question about file sizes for vex iq program limits. Below was a response from @jpearman that helped us a LOT (turned out to be a bug with play notes affecting gyro).

From @jpearman’s response to us:

No, that should not be necessary.
In very general terms, max size of an IQ2 program is around 100k bytes. The code attached to feedback last night compiles to about 17k. The file system on the IQ2 is 4MB (IIRC), so there should never be an issue using all 8 slots.

I was talking about the size of the executable on the brain. I’m assuming the OP was talking about the project file size on their PC, there should be no limit there as far as I know.


I’m sorry about any inconvenience this has caused you.

I can confirm that the current version of VEXcode IQ does have an issue where project files of about 65KB and larger fail to load on iOS. While it may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, the one good thing to note is that these larger projects are able to save on iPads. So you should be able to transfer the projects off of your iPad, and load the project on another device.

We will make sure that this is fixed in the next release of VEXcode IQ. However, at this time, I do not know when the next release will be.