Does VSCode Expandsion have any plans to support the clangd?

VEX Expandsion in VScode rely on the C++ expandsion, which is developed by Microsoft. But this plug-in is little bit slow for me. So I want to use the clangd, which is a lot faster than C++ expandsion and has bunch of benifits C++ Expandsion dosen’t have , which is written here.
However, since VEX dosen’t originly support clangd, I need to do some configuration.For example, write the SDK Path in the setting.json.

And I actully need to download another standard c++ library, because it will report errors when I use the origin standard c++ library included in the VEX SDK.

It’s ok when you code alone, but if you need to work the other programmers, it will be a disaster, since everone’s clangd config will be diffierent which will cause problems.
So I am here ask wheter VEX have any plans to support Clangd or is there other strategy for to use clangd on VEX?

The extension let’s you use whatever language server you want to. If you want to use clangd then go for it but, as you have found, configuration is left to the end user.

Also, standard C++ library is part of vexos, be careful trying to change how the extension builds a project.


I mean is there any chance that vex extendsion can help me to do the configure or genurate the complie_commands.json like VEXCodePro?

If you look in user settings for Microsoft’s C++ Extension, it is possible to adjust the IntelliSense update rate by adjusting the “C_Cpp: Intelli Sense Update Delay” setting.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 160037

I would just be careful when modifying this setting. I’m not sure how it will affect the performance of vscode since the default value is 2000ms . But at the very least, its something you can experiment with.

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