Doesn't Cap Descoring benefit the other team?

So basically lets say for example my robot can’t put caps on the posts as my robot is focused on shooting balls at the high flags, and working with low flags… etc… doesn’t descoring all the caps from the posts basically give the opposing team the opportunity to score more?? or is it that whoever has the caps on the end gets the point… im a bit confused here…

The score is not calculated until the match is over. For instance, if a robot stacks caps on all the poles, but another robot descores them all by the end of the match, they count as low scored. It is essentially wasting the opponents time, they may spend some time to put the cap onthe pole , but you can descore and negate the time they spent putting that cap on the post.

It’s only calculated twice, at the end of autonomous and the end of operator control that matter. What things are temporarily flipped to in the middle of a match is irrelevant except for making progress toward the end of the match.

@callen @7517H So what’s the purpose of the match… wouldn’t it be most effective where robots do nothing until perhaps the last 15-30 seconds??

Does this go the same for high flags and low flags? Is it that no matter how many times I shoot a ball at the high flag or hit the robot at the low flag at the end the actual score is calculated or will the score be summed up during the match on how many flags I turn to “My color”??

Theoretically, yes. The only problem is that you would have to to score everything in that short amount of time. Thusly, everyone is fighting over scores the whole match.

There’s just not enough time to score everything in the last 30 seconds. But if you can, then by all means, go win the World Championship!

A similarly structured game was Starstruck, where teams waited and accumulated everything until the last few seconds, and then dumped it all to the other side. You can’t really do that here, because the scoring objects are in fixed positions, spread throughout the field.

@Got a Screw Loose

And just to reconfirm because you didn’t explicitly say so this goes the same for high flags and low flags? Is it that no matter how many times I shoot a ball at the high flag or hit the robot at the low flag at the end the actual score is calculated? You’re 100% sure the points aren’t scored regarding the sum of how many times a flag was toggled by a certain alliance, etc?

If you watch world championships, that did happen some in Starstruck. But I sincerely doubt we’ll see that this season. The problem is that there are so many things to deal with spread around the field. Let’s say one team just sits there while the other team changes things until the last 30 seconds. Now the passive team starts. Well, the active team can just follow them around and fix everything the passive team changes at roughly the rate they change it, assuming about equal quality building/driving. Or the active team could play a lot of defense, cutting down on the number of things the passive team can readily change. Either way it’s a losing strategy for the passive team.

Also, the score is counted twice, not once. The first time it’s to award the autonomous bonus.

The same for the flags. It only matters which way it’s facing when the score is counted (end of autonomous and end of operator control).

Rather than restating what @callen said, I’ll just say that everything said is correct. No score except for the autonomous bonus is counted until the end of the match.

@callen you are correct that the score is “counted twice” sort of. At the end of autonomous, the score need not be counted. All that needs to happen is to see who has more points. If, for example, only one robot does anything in autonomous and all he does is score for his alliance, there is no need to total the points. The score does not carry over. The alliance gets its 4 point bonus and that is added at the end of the match.

@TitanRey15 I would suggest looking at the rules before asking questions. They are pretty clear and easily available online.

As much as I agree with this generalization, sometimes questions like this need to be asked for clarity, especially for new teams. Also, I’d rather have one more thread in my feed than a team who misinterpreted the rules at a competition.
There are also teams who check the forums (used to be me) but don’t have an account, so it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. To some new teams, the rules may not be clear. I had to spend a few minutes figuring out the expansion zone after I read that part of the manual. Granted, it wasn’t that confusing, but my sister teams had a lot of questions for me.

@Got a Screw Loose

The relevant rule on when scoring happens is G16:

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