Donation Template

I am trying to help my daughter’s VEX get more funding for better gen kits and PD+. I would like to create a template that we can send to local businesses within our school district. Any pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated. Just a Girl Dad trying to help out.

I don’t have my donation template on me right now, (On my laptop for robotics that’s at the school :frowning_face: ) But have you guys thought about putting the logos of the companies on the back of your shirts? That was the big selling point for my team, and a couple of companies said that it was the biggest reason they sponsored us.

I’ll try and get that to you.


Just a suggestion, you could set up a GoFundMe page and hand out flyers at school.

Get the student(s) to go to small shops/companies around your town/city. Say something greeting and maybe explain to them why you want to secure a sponsorship with them. And explain to them what VEX dose. If your going to any tournaments’ (or hosting one!) get them to have their company logo on a banner. This helped a lot with my team. Maybe apply for some grants as well? Hope this Helps with your team(s) and I hope you can reach your goal and experience IQ at its best! :grin:

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