Don't buy this expensive Clamping Shaft Collars

We bought 3 packs of that kind of collars. It looks good but they can’t be turned tight for hold the shaft. It’s so bad design but they sell them much more expensive than plastic collars. Don’t buy them! Wish they can refund us!


They mostly won’t do refunds. ($$$)

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Are you using them for low strength or high strength shafts (high strength shafts are very thick and can be put in wheels etc without the metal inserts) {just checking}

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Anyone have a replacement screw that doesn’t strip instantly if you are 1 degree off from perfectly aligned?

clamping is for locking the shaft

McMaster p/n: 90128A184

These strip out way less than the screws included from VEX. They are Hex drive, but they will work fine with a T8 driver.


These Collars worked fine for us last year. However we found that they need a bit(lot) of force to actually start clamping, what we did was used a pair of pliers to clamp it closed, then tightened the screw, they never came loose. If we used them more, we could probably expect the screws to strip


Yeah the rubber ones are alot better. these dont seem to tighten properly and if you over tighten they are impossible to remove. i had to cut one of these off of my robot with a dremel

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You might find the issue is the shafts themselves. We’ve gotten entire PACKS of shafts that were 1) bent 2) WAY out of spec, size-wise.

Throw a good digital caliper on your shafts… you may be surprised at the inconsistencies.



However, it’s all we got (as far as buying new ones), so we have to make do. One tip for using these to extend the life of the shaft collar is this:

Lubricate the screw threads before any use!

This will help you remove them after using them. You don't have to worry about lubricant preventing you from tightening, or vibrating loose.

Last year our whole robotics program lubricated most of our shaft collars, and the ones we lubricated are still in use… but the ones we did not lubricate now have stripped screw heads.


I came to give the same advice, McMaster hex screws are a great replacement. I also used a small left handed bit to extract the old screws from a collar and saved a couple. The problem seems to be two fold. The existing screws are a chinesium/butter alloy and the threads are pulled very easy in the collars which locks them up.

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