dont do side roler

thank to all hater

Nice robot! Totally unique design, and extremely efficient. How accurate do you think the side rollers are when it comes to landing cones on the mobile goal stack? Also, can it score on a stationary goal?

I LOVE THIS!!! And like my post that you showed in the video says, I’m VERY glad that I was proven wrong.

It seems that a standoff is what is actually picking the cone up on the side roller. So would it be correct to assume this standoff needs to go all the way back down to pick up another cone?

What is the maximum number of cones it can stack?

I have reached Nirvana. Well done

Now that is true beauty. A robot that slays all the haters!

Yay I made the video!

Nice implementation… Can’t wait to see more designs Rolling in…

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you’ve been vexposed


I believe you meant Vexecuted

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