Don't have all Field Perimeter Parts

We only received half the parts for the Field Perimeter Walls & considering LRT events. Are we allowed to make custom parts and use them for LRT events until we get all our Field Wall parts?

what parts are you missing?

Also check in with your RECF Team Engagement Manager - they are really helpful to make teams have a good season.

Could it be that it ships in two boxes and one just didn’t show up? We had that happen, and the second box showed up a week or two late

You can also reach out to vex support and ask them.

This epic guide on custom perimeter walls

One important thing to note, this was published last year when LRT’s were everywhere, and the season itself was just different. So I don’t know if it’s legal for use this year, but it’s the best resource I can provide

the rules don’t say no, which means that it is legal (unless said no in the Q&A or changed in the rule book), and vex has diy field kit instructions, so i don’t see there being too much of a problem as long as it doesn’t give any competitive advantage


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