Don't Have Any Parts

Hello, I am from Team 40990A in Clarksburg, MD. We are reaching out to all teams in the area for help as we still have not received a robot kit from Vex. We had ordered our kits in September, but we have yet to receive our shipment and are desperately running out of time. Our competition is in 20 days and we would really appreciate any help we can get with loaning robot parts. Thank you again.

Reach out to your Regional Support Manager. They should be able to help you out, and possibly respond more readily than the forums, as a lot of teams aren’t on the forums.

yeah the forums probably aren’t the best place to get help like that. try emailing all of your local teams, you’ll have much better odds of help that way.

@Sam_C see our post here:

We have lots of parts available. We are based in Dallas, TX, but we can ship the parts to you.

Good luck for your competition!