Don't miss these teams at Worlds!

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for teams to be sure to check out at Worlds? In the past we have tried to go around all the pits and check most teams out but there are so many teams it is hard to really check everyone out. I thought it would be nice to have a list of the “best of the best” that would be worth going out of our way to watch some of their matches.

Even though we have been to Worlds a few times now, our team is admittedly nowhere near the same level as some of the awesome robots we see on these forums. We learn a lot each year at Worlds by watching some of the best robots compete and we don’t want to miss any of the best action!


Well, we always made 44 a must-go-to stop during World.
But I think this year, we will need to go over to VexU to hunt for them.

Our teams that I will always drop by - the NZ teams.
Always interesting, and always ready to share about their robots :slight_smile:

You guys should see BNS, 62, and SYNC.

Can I make a modest suggestion? There are teams from 27 countries coming to VEX Worlds, make a point of stopping by teams that aren’t from your own country. You might make an unexpected friend, and some of those teams bring great goodies to share.

It’s not just about the robots.

Former team members from teams 44 (Leland and maybe James), 2625 (Jason) and 40A (Jacob) are going to be at Worlds as QCC 2 in the VEXU Competition. Please stop by and say hello :slight_smile:

Absolutely, we fully intend to soak in as much as we can. I didn’t mean to make it sound like we only want to see the “best” robots. I just want to make sure we take advantage of the opportunity to see the “best” (along with as much other great stuff as we can)

Check out Team 169! I’ve been mentoring them all year and it’s been great fun! Also QCC2, AURA, SYNC and of course BNS! And I agree with that Rick Tyler said, you never know what cool people you might meet!

Try to break the language barrier! I love meeting people that aren’t able to speak english well, it’s actually quite interesting!

Some other great teams to check out from the great state of Texas are 118, and 5408f, and if you want to swing by our pit we have under glow to show off (team 26).

Try and see 4915 (virus) from London, they are the 4 times UK National Champions and are hoping to shock teams overseas. I do one will definitely be watching most of their matches!

I made a spreadsheet based on the team lists of all the teams I want to see.

I hope to be able to see all of you guys there! I will be walking around to see as many robots and people as possible.

I hope some of you can stop by our area as well, we have a very unique design.
Ask if Mason is around at 979A’s pits!

My teams can’t wait to meet all of you. I might struggle though trying to go back and forth between my high school teams and my IQ team to watch matches, but I will see as many of you as I can.

7504E! Fast cube scoring scissor lift. (With cool stuff too)

definitely check out The Robosavages (team number 2) I would assume they wont be hard to find since they will be in front of every pit.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I am especially looking forward to meeting all of you that are on the forums so I can place a face to everyone.

May I recommend, if you are active on these forums, to make a name tag using the utility from the thread linked below? It would make chance encounters more likely if I see a nametag I recognize.

Be sure to stop by the Purdue booth as well we will have some cool new hardware out. We will also be looking for feedback from PROS users since all three of the current PROS developers will be present!

definitely check out SYNC in the vexU section - i’ve been working closely with them for this season and they have some awesome stuff lined up. we’ve both done something pretty awesome with our cube intakes, be sure to give that a look! (we’re team 21 in HS)

I also recommend looking at sync, they are going to have some pretty impressive robots :slight_smile:

You Guys can go and check out 8065A, 8065C, 8065D, 8066A, 8066B, 8066C at the middle school division. There are the best robot skills for MS