DON'T Risk The Rules

We all like to push the rules a bit in ordinary tournaments for our own benefits because we know that it’s not as risky. But what are some rules you guys are making sure to follow at State or Worlds, either that you usually borderline break or just never paid special attention to before?

TBH; Do not push rules at states or worlds. Play fair, play by the book, otherwise; whatever you do is up to the vision and memory of the judges, and that might be bad.

I am going to be refereeing the TN State Championship, and here’s what I have to say: I and the other referees will throw the book (or the game manual, for that matter) at you if we find that you’re circumventing or deliberately breaking the rules. Our responsibility is to ensure that all rules are followed correctly, and we will enforce them as such. Just follow the rules as you are supposed to, and there won’t be problems.

So if I start on the bracket holding the starting bar instead of the pipe, I’ll be called out???

Our state championship the refs stressed placement rules. So as the red team you have the right to place last so if you are blue and you place you cannot adjust it after the red Alliance places.

For the ones who are confused just a bit…

I am in NO WAY endorsing the breaking of rules at any state or national tournament and especially Worlds. I was just throwing out a friendly forum to see what rules teams will be paying close attention so that they won’t get called out for it.

Sorry for any confusion.

@Aditya Diwakar

Yep, just play fair since, during the states for my region, something happened that resulted in the disqualification of the whole semifinal bracket.