Dont you hate it when...

Hey guys!
Do you have that one thing that you just hate happening to you?
Mine is losing in the finals to a team who has already qualified for state 3 times when you and your alliance partners all really need to.

When your wiring management is trash but you don’t have time to fix it :wink:

When the ref hasn’t read the game manual.

lol they wanna prevent teams for qualifying . GOod strat

I mean, the slots just get filled by skills scores anyway…

…when kP is positive but you do actual-desired… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when your robot falls over…

when the ref hasn’t even watched the referee training videos yet. its worrying how many refs don’t know basic rules like <SG4> <SG9>

What I hate is that in SD the big organizations are choking out all the little teams. SD now only has 2 organizations under 4 teams, Eureka and Chaimberland.
They also do their best to make sure only big groups get to state. My organization only getting in because we did a skills run.

If doing a single skills run gets you in to your state tournament, it doesn’t sound like anybody is holding any organization out of the tournament. Sounds like an easy way to qualify.

You spend so much time building the robot, that you don’t remember to secure the wiring. And then something just randomly disconnects.

They didnt announce it until this month state is in another month there was only 2 comps left 1 got done yesterday

When finish the robot, test it and it works, but then you realize theres not enough space for a mogo intake…

When each competition you go to you lose the 2nd playoff match due to your alliance partners breaking down.

There should be some course they have to take like 10-15 min long and have to sign they did it
if only for the sake of impartiality

Actually a good idea 2nd Commander

when you get matched with three very bad clawbots at a tournament causing you to be 3-0 for a majority of the comp.

When you are juggling robotics and school and decide to go hard on robotics for this week because the comp is saturday but then u take an L on both anyways.

when there are 36 teams and you get paired with 34,35 and 36 and when you get put with a decent teaam you play the number 1 and 4 seed

@phantom285A same