Dont you hate it when...


or when you lose sleep over it

the truth hurts so bad :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

when something falls off your robot and you can’t find where it came from

When in one tournament you somehow manage to break a motor controller, two motors, a potentiometer, an encoder cap and your autonomous.
Took till finals match 3 to fix it all (except Auton, we disabled it.) We were 3rd seed and won the tourney though, so not all bad. Lol

When the walls of the arena are slightly misaligned and your programming skills run fails because you use the wall to align your bot

When you have your passive intake working well for a week and a half but come comp day it starts messing up a lot.

Also when you tell your alliance partner to play defense because they can’t score anything but when the match starts they try to score and get in your way.

When you boutta win the competition but…

what were you dQ’ed for?

That moment when you “accidentally” tip yourself over across the opponents 5 pt zone, knock over one of their stacks of 14, and still lose 6 to 84… -_-

The list is too long so just watch.

when I replaced the batteries in my joystick and they were dead even though they came from the charged bin. I felt really stupid when that happened at my last tournament (1/13).

…when I want to attend state this year to referee, and the easiest way to get there is by hitching a ride with Mom and Dad, but they’ll leave with my sister’s team for state only 15 minutes before I can possibly arrive home from college.

Seriously, I’ve signed up to referee TN state this year, but I’m facing a 4.5 hour drive by myself to states via the direct route instead of only 2.5 hours to my house because of this fact. My college classes at Mississippi State end at 11:50 on the Friday that I leave for states, and I plan on hopping in the car immediately afterwards to go to states. This makes for a very tight window in terms of driving. On the plus side, considering the time my high school dismisses for the day, and the time it takes for their teams to hop in the car and drive, I’ll be able to beat their teams in getting to the venue.

lol way to many blocks

my team brought the robot in the box I throw all the faulty/broken parts in. No wonder our robot kept falling apart

Wow, double blocking, trapping more than 5 seconds, and contacting 10 pt zone. Impressive.

When you know the rules better then the referees XD

Yes just yes

Ryan got our region’s referee pissed off at us at our first competition when he contradicted the ref like six times in the drivers meeting. That’s been fun.

When we were allianced with a team at state and they broke in the finals last year.

Then at nationals US Open allianced with them again and win the entire thing.