Double 4 bar locking mechanism

For bots like RI3D, what are your guys’ ideas for locking mechanisms that attach the hanging arm to the launching arm? I know they used some polycarb hooks, but what about something a bit… stronger?
My idea was to use springs to push two pieces of C channel on one axle together. When the two align, they lock into place and the lift is latched. (That was very jumbled; I’m very tired)

Cut that hook out of steel instead of polycarb?

Wasn’t there a huge debate about wether springs where legal or not? I can not remember the final rulling of it.

If you use the springs from the old clutches, they are legal. I don’t believe any other springs are legal however.

The springs from clutches, as @Vex Vortex said, are legal. Our team has about 6 already taken out of their cases to use. All in all, we have about 16 to play with

Since we were too lazy to make something like that, I chose to make a gearbox that contains a lock that basically allows a gusset-hook to be pushed down but not up. The lock is made up of two gussets that has half-spacers between them, and it rotates around a screw that was put through the middle-top hole. At the other end of the gusset hook, we attached a rubber band to make sure it stays up. It’s hard to explain so I will send a picture after thanksgiving…