Double-Acting Cylinders

Hi, my team is not really experienced with pneumatics, so I was wondering if it is bad to prevent the double-acting cylinders to not fully retract in and/or fully retract out?

I haven’t ever used pneumatics for vex but I have for frc and I think the concept is the same. So it is fine for the piston to not fully retract in or out but you need a very strong mechanical stop to prevent damage. What do you plan on using this for?

I have used pneumatics before and @James6555 is correct. It is not damaging for the cylinder to not fully actuate, but the cylinders are very strong and over time will bend most stoppers and even themselves.

@James6555 we’re planning on using thos for our intake this year. Is it ok if we put in nylon spacers to fill in the empty space when the piston doesnt fully retract?

Putting a sleeve on the rod is a very common method to reduce travel of the cylinder. There should be no concerns about it.

Yes that would be fine and is the best way to do it when you can.

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Thanks for the help!