Double-Acting Piston Issue

First time using pneumatics therefore I apologize if this is a common issue. I’ve included two videos, the difference between them is that the input and outputs were changed to the piston.

I’ve checked the pressure and don’t believe that to be the culprit, I also switched out the solenoids to see if that could have been the source, nothing worth noting changed.

*I am able to take more photos if necessary.

EDIT: Fixed links, thanks for the heads up.

just a heads up, you need to make your drive links public because at the moment no one can see them.

I see a flow control valve on the right one, if there is one on the bottom of the left one it needs adjusted probably. That would cause that behavior if it is nearly closed.

Your issue on the cylinder retract is with the 90° fittings. They restrict the airflow and are giving you different speeds. There is a screw inside of these fittings that you can adjust to make them the same but I would recommend only using the straight fittings unless you need flow control.

Wonderful! Thank you kindly.

This document may be helpful.
pneumatics information.pdf (313 KB)