Double Acting Piston

If we had a double acting piston and only needed it to retract, could we somehow leave the hole for pushing in air open and have the piston open up with some outside force (in our case a lever with rubber bands to bring it down) and then we just push the air out with a retraction of the double acting piston.

Yes actually you can. We use something similar on our pneumatic claws that we are developing. I don’t have a pic of it at the moment but it’s pretty simple to do.

SWEET!!! Thank you so much for responding so quickly. This will help a lot so we do not have to use our limited time practicing to test this. It is also very nice to know just in general to help other people that may have this same question.

Thank you and good luck the rest of your season!

Yeah it’s fairly easy. The hard part is tuning the amount of rubber bands you use to pull the arm back. And no problem I’m just perusing the forums looking for ideas and I love to help

You can either use a one way solneoid to retract it or use a two way and put one of those orange things in the other hole.

You might not need rubber bands depending on the load.

This would be after we launched the load, the rubber bands would be easy to figure out, I just wanted to know if it was possible and legal, but thank you for your concern.