double action piston air leak

we have a slight problem on our claw there seems to be air leaking when our claw is not deployed wondering if any one can help

Have you figured out where it’s leaking from? Make sure that all of the hose are cut straight and pushed all the way into the one touch connectors. If the air is leaking from the solenoid’s air in port, it may be an issue we’ve had twice where the solenoid somehow gets stuck to let the air out the two open ports beside the in port. If that’s the problem I’ll try to remember how we fixed it.

Make sure that where the hoses are inserted into the connectors you don’t have the hose bent too much. If you put too much stress on that connector, you can sometimes get a small leak.

its leaking out the solenoid port

Try tightening the screws a little more. If that isn’t enough buy some Teflon tape and wrap all the soleniod screws in it and then rescrew them in. Probably should do this any way if I’m honest. Better safe than sorry.

Can you feel if the air is coming out the one touch fitting, or from the other 2 open holes on the solenoid?

Also try to unscrew the one touch fitting and hold the hole on it closed with your finger. If it still leaks it’s the fitting, if not it’s the solenoid. Let us know what you find.

Also, if your using your double action pistons as single action (only using one solenoid port) the you should cover the other soledoid port with some well bent tubing and a zip tie.