Double Ball Jams Intake

Our robot has a problem where its not able to pick up two balls that are right next to each other (i.e against a wall). Both balls will go into the rubber band intake with no problem, but they end up hitting right before the conveyor belt. All of the solutions we’ve tried haven’t worked, and we’re totally out of ideas. Here’s what we’ve tried so far:

-Moving the conveyor all the way to the side so it would take one ball longer to get there (same problem happened)
-Making the conveyor smaller
-Making the conveyor wider
-Bending the prongs so it would take a ball much longer than another to reach the conveyor

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. This has been a problem plaguing our team for several months and we have no idea where to go from here.


Note: I didn’t have the actual balls on hand so I used paper balls instead for the pictures
Intake 1.png
Intake 2.png
Intake 4.png
Intake 3.png
intake 5.png

look at this robot

We had this problem too and there is any easy solution, just turn. That’s it, turning allows one ball past.

You could offset the two pieces of bent metal that appear to be funneling the balls towards the middle, that way the left ball gets pushed towards the middle before the right ball does.