Double Catapult Tutorial Video

My team and I have been thinking about making a double catapult but have no where to start. We no the basics but are having trouble getting started so does anyone have a tutorial video or just instructions on how to make a double ball or single ball doesn’t matter anymore catapult launcher for turning point

You could just make a single catapult, and then put another tensioned arm behind it, so that when the first arm drives back it also happens to push on the second arm and then when the first arm is released, the second arm is also released.

Or just one really long arm with two places for balls to go.

Or two catapults joined side by side.

really there’s so much you can do.

think this is one of the last things to ask for or to expect - a step-by-step tutorial or instructional guides.

the community is generally a lot more helpful if you are asking specific questions, especially after you have tried building.

Anyway, i don’t have any instruction manual for you, what i can provide are the links to our multiple-balls catapults.

this is 8059a nbn 4-ball catapult (and also similar to what @ranOOm mentioned - 2 balls side-by-side).

this is 8059a this season 2-ball catapult (i normally call it vertical release of 2 balls).

do try to prototype a bit… and then ask questions when you encounter any issues :slight_smile:

PS… might sounds a bit like a publicity stunt - but you will really find many other approaches of launching balls (in the Blank. youtube channel) as well, eg. puncher, flywheel, etc

Edit: the initial link for nbn was not exactly the correct video (but it is good to see how the intake system, worked). have included the reveal video of the nbn robot.

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