Double Extension?

I had a quick question just for fun. In driver skills, if the robot is located in a legal position for reach over or extension, is it allowed to reach over or extend to both contact zones?

Just a thought.

Once in the expansion zone, your robot could legally touch all 8 contact zones. You can contact all 5 dispensers as well. You could also contact the inner wall where you begin the match. But would you get a bonus for that? Do you get a bonus if you contact more than one contact zone???


As I have understood: If you have disks in the 4 point zone, and if you contact the 4 point zone, All the disks in the 4 point zone will get counted as contacted disks

From memory (sorry no time to look up faq) you only get points if touching one contact zone). Our team thought about multiple drop bars to touch 2, 3 and 5 zones early in competition but I believe it was in faq that you only score if you touch one contact zone.

There is a difference between allowed and whether it will score. Rule SC4 Note 1 (Page 15) clearly states that “If a single Robot is contacting the Floor in multiple Contact Zones, then it is not eligible for any Contact Bonuses”.

So you won’t receive a warning for touching multiple contact zones, you just won’t score any bonus points. So don’t do it. Touch down should only be in one Contact Zone to score the bonus.


I concur with this, and the game manual is pretty clear on this. While not something that will DQ, touching multiple contact zones (white floor, not colored boundary pieces) will result in no contact bonus. Touching a single contact zone will get a bonus as long as the bot is in the expansion zone.