Double Flywheel and Piston Launcher

I am looking for ideas on how I can use my double flywheel launcher and a piston launcher. The flywheels and piston do not fit on my current robot so I am looking for other robot’s designs on how I can do it. If I have to I can switch to a single flywheel but I would rather not.
Thank you for any help

Any pictures of the bot so we can see what we are dealing with.

I hope these work :slight_smile:

What about mounting it right on the angled wide c-channel where the batteries are.

It would be outside of 18in

How big is your puncher? Is there any way you could make room at the bottom of the ramp near the intake?

I’ll try that.
Thank you

Many flywheels are more reliable during close range shots than further away unless tuned to perfection. If you can, make the puncher on your robot the full field and run a single flywheel just for barshots or mid field