double flywheel help

This year, each ball weighs 0.115 lbs ±15% and this seems to be affecting teams when it comes to shooting. My team has experienced the fact that some balls would react differently to our dual flywheel. I was wondering if there is a way for teams to compensate for the difference in weight with a dual flywheel and how would I do this?
Thanks in advance

The more inertia a wheel has, the less it will be affected by the ball’s mass. Therefore, if you stacked two wheels on top of each other on both sides, it will be affected much less by balls of different masses, in comparison to only one wheel on each side.

Also less compression reduces the affect of density on the launcher.

i have four wheels in total in my flywheel system.

Compression is definitely more a cause of accuracy problems than mass is. Within a half an inch is not good enouph. It has to be perfect. For our team, We can simply increase the spacing between the wheels on either side to decrease the compression. You guys might be similar. The best way to tune your compression is by taking the hardest ball and softest ball you can find. if the hard one shoots shorter than the soft one, decrease compression and if the soft one shoots shorter, increase compression until they both shoot the same distance. Try multiple throwing distances.

Wouldnt adding compression also increase coolup time?

Yes it would, but the reason that many teams use compression is that they are unable to otherwise achieve full-court shots without compression.

With too little compression, there is not enough friction between the balls and the flywheels to force the balls to accelerate to the same velocity as the wheels. This results in very inefficient energy transfer and a lot of wheel slippage. This, in turn, reduces the range of the flywheel, because the flywheel does not accelerate the ball to the speed we want it to. This means that the flywheel must spin way faster than it needs to, and therefore makes the motors work harder unnecessarily. Compression has a sweet spot, and you just need to test it for yourselves.

How much would be an ideal compression for you guys?

In our previous robot, we had a compression of just less than 4 inches, specifically around the 3.8 inch area. This would shoot accurately for normal and bonus balls.