double flywheel problem

We’re looking for help. Our flywheels keep stoping and going when we use them. we checked the wires, changed the motors multiple times, also changed the batterys but it still keeps stoping. How can we fix this?

Pictures please hard to see the problem.

The most likely issue is that you are tripping the PTCs of the motors. This happens when there is too much friction in your machine, so the motors get too hot to function. How many motors are you using, and what gear ratio? Or it could be a programming issue of you’d like to post your code.

Friction, gearing too high, stalling (not enough motors), try involving both circuits on the cortex

Totally agree,
Also, as silly as it may seem, and as much as you probably have already done this, check to maker sure you motors are going the right way. Another check is to take the motors off and try turning the input shaft by hand. Also if you have any spacers in the same axle as the flywheel, try running it without them.

If you are running a double flywheel it is common for teams to include 4 motors ( 2 on each side). The cortex is divided into two circuits which provide a set amount of voltage about 4.8A. These are separated by pins and run from ports 1-5 and 6-10, if you move your motor pins to different pins for each side (ex. ports 2 and 7) this will provide a steady amount of current for your motors to run.

Keep in mind that this is only a valid solution if your team is using high speed and turbo gearing in the motors.
This pretty much irrelevant for the Standard motor due to the larger stall torque, if this doesn’t solve your problem please post pictures of the mechanism

If your flywheel stops and then turns again after several seconds, it is probably the PTC’s tripping. This could be due to a high compression. Check that your spacing between the wheels is above 3.5 inches, otherwise compression could be causing the motors to overheat.

Alternatively, it could be a programming problem or your two motors on each side of the flywheel are turning against each other.

Firstly, I would suggest running the flywheel and check that the motors aren’t overheating. The problem can then be deducted from there.

One major problem that could be the solution is friction. Check to make sure you do not have any bent axles, too much spacing in one area, compression (like some people already mentioned), not enough spacing, correct amount of washers, everything can make a difference. One other suggestion is to make your flywheel sturdier if it is flimsy. We had this problem earlier in the year because we were actually slightly bending our whole flywheel/gearboxes when we attached it with screws. This problem was fixed short term with using zip ties to attach the whole set up (Allowed for attachment without lining up screw holes). Try first running your flywheel when it is not on your robot (if you are able to easily detach) and this will tell you if it is a spacing or mounting issue.
good luck