Double flywheel

People who have two flywheels, do you connect them using gear/chain or keep them on their own seperate motors?

My team doesn’t have a double flywheel but I know that most teams that have one use 2 seperate motors.

we had a team in my org do a double flywheel, they started with the motors powered independently but later went to connecting them via a simple gear train.

So we had a double flywheel, but we are currently doing a rebuild. That is a photo of how the gears looked. We originally had a single flywheel, but we found that it added too much spin, to the point of discs going in, then spinning right out. The double flywheel was also able to do better overfill.

What I did was put 2 36t gears in the middle which made sure both wheels were going at the same speed.

One of our teams has a double flywheel they have them on two different motors and it take 20 minutes for it to overheat so it’s very good. Their was talk about connecting them but it wouldn’t be as good, atleast for their bot.

24T gears would be more compact and less cursed


We had a double flywheel connected by a chain but it did not have enough power to shoot into the high goal. I suggest using a one wheel flywheel with a piece of metal for a barrier on the other side.

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Thats super cursed
Especially since you couldve just placed one in the middle

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A piece of plastic or polycarbonate would be good too. Doesn’t have to be metal.

This was our prototype from a few months ago. We connected the motors directly to gears, put the flywheel on a 12T gear, and spun the motors in opposite directions. Do note that you shouldn’t cantilever your flywheel like in the picture, especially if you’re using low strength shafts. We only did that for testing.

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You do relize that you need the 2 wheels to be moving in opposite directions… or else they will spin the same way…


Ye, but we don’t have them lol

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Still better ways to do it

You can change that in your code.


Wdym? Both have to be spinning in different directions, because there are 2 flywheels spinning. If they was only 1 gear then it would be a odd number, so the gears would be going against each other. I understand that there are better ways to do it, but this worked pretty well for us and made sure both flywheels spins at the same speed.

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my teams building one right now what type of cartridge should I use.

How many motors are you using? And what gear ratio? I would use blue or green cartridge.

Most efficient is going to be a blue (600 RPM) cartridge. Depending on how many motors you want for other functions such as drive motors you may want 1 or 2 flywheel motors. Also remember that there a many ways to build your flywheel and many angles to try. For example you might chose a single flywheel with a 45 degree angle and it might work as well as you need to. Now to answer your question further, you might choose 3000, 3600, or 4200 as your top speed. If you choose 4200 RPM as your top speed I’d highly recommend the use of two motors. I’ve seen teams choose 4200 RPM with two motor and a 50 degree flywheel angle and I’ve also seen teams choose 3000 RPM with 1/2 motors and a 30 degree angle, just depends on how you tune it and how you feel it fits your needs.