Double Hang

I know there’s been some controversy about hanging in autonomous. But if you have a lift that can lower you successfully back down AFTER the hang, can you lift in autonomous for the autonomous points, and then lift again in driver control for regular points?

So how it works is this -
If you hang in auto, you get 12 points toward winning auto, but those 12 points don’t carry to your score at the end of the match
If you hang at the end you get 12 points toward your match score
You can certainly do both, but will only get an extra 12 points overall

Yes, this has already been confirmed. You can hang in autonomous to leverage your score at this point, increasing your chance of winning the 4-point autonomous bonus. However, the only point at which you will get the regular points for hanging added to your final score is by hanging at the end of the match.

As I have said before, @Karthik clarified this in the following threads: