Double Internal Stacker

So I was thinking about how some skills bots are able to score two mobile goals at a time and I thought: what if you were to toss a lift on that design and stack cones and two mobile goals? Anyways, I call it the double internal stacker, and here’s what I’ve come up with:
Double Internal STacker.PNG

If my team lets me build a prototype, it would include an 8 motor drive paired with two mobile goal intakes. It would also feature a two motor DR4B or scissorlift that would have a chain bar attached to it in order to be able to pick up and stack cones on both sides of the bot and thus both mobile goals. Anyways, thought it was an interesting design idea and wanted to share it.

Will you have space for 2 mobile goals and a lift and still remain within the legal limits? I think it’d be best to make a CAD model first - we always find that this saves lots of time in the long run

The lift is the sketchiest part right now because it would have to have not a lot of support so it wouldn’t interfere with the stack. If my team stops freaking out about minor problems and lets me start building, I should be able to get it to work.

Where would I go to do CAD files?

I would recommend using either Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor. You can download the autodesk inventor part files here:
good luck on building this and keep us updated

621C (designed with skills in mind) had dual mogo intakes and there was talk about adding an arm on a turn table to score cones in mogos in both intakes, but the driver found that he did better using only one. they are still adding the arm on a turn table but the 2nd mogo intake has been removed.

@MasterCole - you have a very good idea about carrying double mobile goals (MoGos) on a cone scoring robot. I think, having this ability is the best way to break into 120-130 score range for driver and programming skills. But it is not very useful for the normal 2v2 game play, so don’t worry about ability to stack any cones on the second MoGo. The trick is always to properly allocate the motors such that your robot is fast in both intaking the MoGos as well as moving around the field.

I’m pairing mg and drive motors, so I’m not too worried about motor allocation, I’ll have the same motors on drive and lift as if I hadn’t intook two mobile goals.

Also, the bot is going to be used at our state championship, so not stacking cones on the second mobile goal will probably lose us too many points for us to pull off a tournament win.

Also, I’m not going to use a turntable, I’m just going to upgrade my chainbar so it can pick up and deliver cones on both sides of the robot.

One way you could do this is by putting a small 4-bar in the middle of your chain bar. That way it would work as a normal chain bar except the claw part of it can be moved side to side, for each mobile goal

I was thinking I would carry the mobile goals similar to the way 8800X carries them. Heres a drawing; not exactly to scale but you get the idea:
The Way I carry Two MG's.PNG

So the pictures aren’t loading on my computer (school wifi). So are the mobile goals collected on opposite sides of the robot? If so, then my idea wouldn’t work. I was thinking you’d have them both on the back, is that right?

No, they’re on the opposite sides. My idea to defy SG9 would have them on the back, though.

Oh ok. So my idea wouldn’t work then. But one thing you could do is put a pretty large chain bar in the center of the mogos. Make it so it can get cones from either side of the robot. Then, just pick them up and since its long enough to reach over the mogos, it won’t be able to set the cones down on them, but you could just drop them on the mogos. I’m thinking rollers may be good for this idea, since they’re good at dropping cones precisely.

@briancole, I still think carrying two MoGos for 2v2 would make your robot less maneuverable and wouldn’t give much gameplay advantage, unlike all the benefits for skills.

Also, getting turntable for dual MoGo stacking to work both fast and reliable is challenging. You would need to make it very well balanced around the center of rotation, which may conflict with the requirement to have enough horizontal reach. But you certainly have to try - you may be able to figure out a very good way to do it.

For better stability, instead of relying on a single VEX turntable, you may want to try either a pair (one stacked few inches above the other) or have your lift rotate around the high strength shaft with two support points several inches apart.

Already planning it.

I’m going to use the universal solution for lifts- rubber band it up!