Double piston puncher

This tread was initially started by Techno, I have restarted this thread in the General Forum. It was originally on the Official Vex NBN Q&A.


To me, it doesn’t even look like the thrower is powered off pneumatics. I could definitely be wrong though. Maybe 2 nautilus or slip gear throwers? I don’t know if it is as accurate as a flywheel…

323Z has done something vary similar, they did theres with a ratchet and cam gear but my team 1115D is doing it with an slip gear. It works well and is vary accurate.

Did I miss something, I’ve only seen 323Z with their turret single flywheel robot. Do you mean 62’s Robot In 3 Days build, that was one of the first videos of a cam gear system?

323z showed up to the warren competition last week with a couple of additions to their robot (one of them being the one that Jonathan described). I am assuming that Jonathan was there to see it.

323Z will be doing a release here soon about their robot’s progress. Subscribe to their channel to be the first to hear about their robot. Trust me, you will want to see it :wink: