Double Puncher

Hey, out team is new to the forums. We are 8th graders from PA, team 80C. We had a competition today, and did decent with one puncher. I have two questions.

  1. At the competition, I saw some fast punchers. Can someone explain to me how to do this? We have a theory that it our motors are slower since they are geared for torque.

  2. Can someone explain how the intake system works for a double puncher? I’m talking about the area in which the ball comes out of the intake and into the area where the puncher hits.

We are rocking a 23/24 accuracy, and do not wish to change the angle.

One of the ideas we had was to put to pieces of metal at 90 degrees and rotate it to close off one side where the ball comes off and when needed to switch it would rotate to the other side