Double Qualifications at Regional Events

How do double quals at regional events get dealt with? at an event yesterday, we lost in finals to 45464Z and 6627X. 6627X recieved excellence as well at tournament champion, double qualifying them for states. we were third place in skills, 6627X was first, and 45464Z was second. so who does that extra states spot go to, I’ve been told by some that it would go to us, being the top skills that didn’t get a states spot, but I suspect that it may go to statewide skills. any insight on this matter?

It’s the next highest skills (not already qualified) at that event (you) For more info, see the qualifying criteria. I’m on my phone or I would attach a link. I just checked before posting this - see page 3 item 5.

Editted because my first answer was incorrect.


the top skills period, or the top skills that didn’t qualify for states at that event (the top 2 skills got tournament champs, and the very top also got excellence). we were third.

As @Gear_Geeks said, see page 3 item 5.

…next highest unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking at that event.


so let me get this perfectly straight… we will be getting a states slot?

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Only person that can say for certain is your RSM who will manually determine the qualification and send the invitation to states. So to be sure, email your RSM. But the way you’ve described it, then, yes, you qualified.


oh boy ok. thanks a million

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Can you post the event? Just want to be sure that the event actually got 4 spots. You can verify that in the awards tab.

it was the OC robobonanza at beckman 10/5.
there were 3 spots (2 tournament champs, one excellence), not 4, but one team got tournament champs and excellence, so that third spot didn’t get used.

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And I can’t tell you anything from this… As the event is configured online at the moment none of the events are state qualifiers.

Also, there is a bug in the site that makes it not display any match or skills data.

That said, if all of the above is true then you should get a spot… But don’t believe a word of it until you hear that your coach got the email.

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you can look on vex via for all that.


  1. 6627X
  2. 45464Z
  3. 99999V (us)

Excellence Award - 6627X
Tournament Champion - 6627X
Tournament Champion - 45464Z

Yes but I’m sitting on my couch and the phone is allllll the way over there…

But that all looks good!

It’s possible that the state championships aren’t set yet, so the invitation might be delayed. I can’t think of another reason why it wouldn’t be marked as a state spot.

Either way, if your coach doesn’t get an email by Tuesday they should email the RSM to see what’s up. I would give them a couple of days as a courtesy.


Yeah, it sounds like you guys are qualifying for State. You should wait over the weekend, since the invitation slot isn’t automatically given out through RobotEvents, and the RSM has to manually send you the invitation.

Source: Qualified for State last year in the exact same region that way as you with a whopping 22 point combined skills and talked to the Event Partner just to make sure we made it.

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Our mentor is shooting our rsm an email just to confirm that this is how it works.
Thanks everyone.

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Yes, this should qualify you for a state spot, the only reason you haven’t received an email yet is because the state championships are not created yet in robot events. Once they are up you should receive an email.

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