Double qualifying from champion and excellence in SIGNATURE event? (also no skills offered)

In a signature event we recently attended, a team double-qualified as they were Tournament Champions as well as the Excellence Award winners. The “Qualifying Criteria” document online says this:
“If the team that wins a spot at a Signature Event is already qualified, or wins multiple spots at the Signature Event, those spots will be filled by the team(s) with the highest Robot Skills score at that Signature Event at the end of the event.”
However, our signature event did not offer a Skills Challenge. Would the 3rd Worlds spot simply disappear (and since Signature Event spots don’t use up their Regional spots, it wouldn’t clear up a spot for another team in the region) or would some other method be used to determine what team gets this 3rd spot?

Which Signature Event was this? I’m sure things might be different in these Covid times, but one of the criteria of a Signature Event certainly used to be that all teams attending must have the opportunity to run 3 Driver Skills and 3 Programming Skills matches.

this one:

It was live remote, but it says no skills challenge offered in general info and didn’t do any during the actual competition

Ahh right, LRT. I’m sure that uses very different criteria to a standard in-person Signature event. I am not surprised that Skills and LRT don’t run in tandem.

truuuue, still it’s kinda weird how they still double qualified that team rather than choosing another team via different standards imo with qual spots being erased, although I suppose it makes some sense to just get rid of the skills aspect entirely-

My guess is that it goes down the line in the world skills standings.