Double ratchet mechanism

My team made a mechanism where we have a input axle and an output axle. No matter which direction the input axle turns the output axle always clockwise.

We are making a pooper design and thought that this would save a motor. Our indexer, pooper, and shooter rollers would all use one motor using this mechanism. What would be the cons in this design?

Cons? Really only complexity I imagine. Your rollers would be slower, but there isn’t much bad to that design, as long as it all works.

We already made a prototype that works, we were thinking for speed we could just gear it up. We also decided to grease or lube it to reduce friction.

You will have more friction. Other than that it should be good. Just out of curiosity, would you mind posting a video and or pictures?

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Yeah, we can post a video or pic on Monday.

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you don’t need to use a ratchet to make a pooper actually. if you link the pooper roller inverse to the launcher, and then keep the indexer independent, you can have full functionality with only gears and chain, no ratchets.


We made this design to save a motor so that we can use that for something else.

just curious, what would that other motor be doing that make it worth only have 1 motor for your entire indexing, pooping, and launching system?

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Probably strafing, but we haven’t decided yet. Also this would probably earn some design points.

If you want to strafe, don’t waste a motor on an H drive. Just use mecanum wheels or make an X-drive. Either option is way more maneuverable than H drive and only uses 4 motors versus 5.


We had a ratchet system similar to yours and it had a lot of friction. We took it off and it worked so much better.

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