Double Registration at Vex IQ Worlds 2021

I have noticed a glitch in RobotEvents. Vex IQ teams 127X, 839A, 2929A, 16868A, 38489A, and team 60355A, are competing in both LRT and LRS at vex IQ worlds 2021.

Is this a glitch? or were teams allowed to register for both tournaments?


my team never received an invite email.

Do you know if the teams paid double or got both for the same price as 1?

You had to pay for each event you entered, so those who are competing twice had to pay twice. Little dumb in my opinion but I can see why they have it that way.

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Does seem a bit unreasonable. 1.5 seems like a better price as somethings will be shared between lrs and lrt.

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